Fall in New England is the most spectacular time of year. Brilliant colors are everywhere from the season’s harvest of pumpkins, winter squashes, and gourds.

The farm is a destination for fall decorations.

Photo opportunites are everywhere in this quintessential New England setting.

Hay Fort

In 1994 a small archway of hay was built near a display of pumpkins. It was just big enough for kids to fit through it. Within a week a path had been worn down from so many little feet passing through.

Almost 30 years later the “Hay Fort” has grown to over 400 bales and has become a fall tradition for kids of all ages from around the region.

Open and free of charge from mid September to Halloween (except during rain).

Donations are gladly accepted.

A unique design every year with tunnels and bridges, ladders and slides. Parents can sit on the hillside and look over the farm and mountains of New Hampshire

  • Assorted Pumpkins

  • Winter Squashes

  • Gourds

  • Fresh Apples

  • Apple Cider

  • Apple Products

  • Mums

  • Asters

  • Seasonal Decorations

  • Hay Bales

  • Corn Stalks

  • Ornament Corn